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Grade 6 Module 2 Lessons

Select the lesson:

A.  Dividing Fractions by Fractions     Math Newsletter - Topic A

Interpreting Division of a Whole
Number by a Fraction—Visual Models

     Lesson 1  |  Lesson Instruction
     Lesson 2 Lesson Instruction

     Additional Resources

Interpreting and Computing Division
of a Fraction by a Fraction—More

     Lesson 3  |  Lesson Instruction
     Lesson 4  |  Lesson Instruction

     Additional Resources

L5: Creating Division Stories
L6: More Division Stories

     Lesson 5  |  Lesson Instruction
      Lesson 6  |  Lesson Instruction

     Additional Resources

L7: The Relationship Between Visual
Fraction Models and Equations
L8: Dividing Fractions and Mixed Numbers

     Lesson 7  |  Combined with L-8
      Lesson 8  |  Lesson Instruction

      Additional Resources



B.  Multi-Digit Decimal Operations—Adding, Subtracting, and Multiplying     Math Newsletter - Topic B

Sums and Differences of Decimals

     Lesson 9  |  Lesson Instruction

     Additional Resources

The Distributive Property and
Product of Decimals

     Lesson 10 Lesson Instruction

     ► Additional Resources

Fraction Multiplication and the
Products of Decimals

     Lesson 11 Lesson Instruction

     Additional Resources

C.  Dividing Whole Numbers and Decimals     Math Newsletter - Topic C

Estimating Digits in a Quotient

     Lesson 12  Lesson Instruction

     Additional Resources

Dividing Multi-Digit Numbers Using
the Algorithm

     Lesson 13 Lesson Instruction

     Additional Resources

The Division Algorithm—Converting
Decimal Division into Whole Number
Division Using Fractions

     Lesson 14 Lesson Instruction

     ► Additional Resources

The Division Algorithm—Converting
Decimal Division into Whole Number
Division Using Mental Math

     Lesson 15 Lesson Instruction

     Additional Resources



D.  Number Theory—Thinking Logically About Multiplicative Arithmetic     Math Newsletter - Topic D

Even and Odd Numbers

     Lesson 16  |  Lesson Instruction

     Additional Resources

Divisibility Tests for 3 and 9

     Lesson 17 Lesson Instruction

     Additional Resources

Least Common Multiple and Greatest
Common Factor

     Lesson 18  Lesson Instruction

     Additional Resources

The Euclidean Algorithm as an Application
of the Long Division Algorithm

     Lesson 19  |  Lesson Instruction

     Additional Resources


ENY Math Newsletters created by teachers at Vermilion Parish Schools, Abbeville, LA, Lafayette Parish School System