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Oakdale Joint Unified School District  Map

168 South Third Avenue
Oakdale, CA  95361 
(209) 848-4884

District Office Fax Numbers
Administration: (209) 847-0155
Business: (209) 848-2129
Personnel: (209) 848-9546

Staff Development Center
331 Hinkley Avenue
(209) 848-4205
(209) 848-4209 fax

Central Kitchen
1235 East D Street 
(209) 847-7971 or (209) 847-9666
(209) 848-4368 fax

Maintenance and Operations
400 So. Maag Ave. #B
(209) 847-0119
(209) 847-8313 fax
Transportation Facility
1384 East F Street 
(209) 847-7003
(209) 847-3539 fax

Cloverland Elementary School  Map

Principal: Larry BondsEmail
201 East Johnson Avenue

(209) 847-4276
(209) 847-9059 fax

Fair Oaks Elementary School  Map

Principal: Kathy PinolEmail
151 North Lee Avenue
(209) 847-0391
(209)847-9067 fax


Magnolia Elementary School  Map

Principal: Janet HambyEmail
739 Magnolia Street

(209) 847-3056
(209) 848-0815 fax

Sierra View Elementary School  Map

Principal: David KindredEmail
1323 East J Street
(209) 848-4200
(209) 848-4203 fax


Oakdale Junior High School  Map

Principal: Jon WebbEmail
400 South Maag Avenue
(209) 847-2294
(209) 847-8521 fax

Oakdale High School  Map

Principal: Michael MooreEmail
739 West G Street
(209) 847-3007
(209) 848-0314 fax

East Stanislaus High School  Map

Principal: Craig RedmanEmail
250 Hinkley Avenue
(209) 847-1735
(209) 847-9627 fax

Valley Oak Jr. & Sr. High School  Map

Principal: Craig RedmanEmail
200 Hinkley Avenue
(209) 847-3097
(209) 848-4359 fax

Oakdale Charter School  Map

Principal: Craig RedmanEmail
Teacher in Charge: Tim ParolaEmail
1235 East D Street

(209) 848-4361
(209) 848-4363 fax



  Name Department Position
 icon email blue.gif Kayla Alfaro  
Human Resources  
Human Resource Specialist
 icon email blue.gif Kattie Alves Business Account Technician IV
 icon email blue.gif Carrie Bairos State & Federal Programs Administrative Assistant State & Federal Programs
 icon email blue.gif Dawn Blandino Business Payroll Technician Certificated
 icon email blue.gif Kassandra Booth
  Business Administration
  Chief Business Officer
 icon email blue.gif Kevin Brown Technology Administration Director of Technology
 icon email blue.gif Erin Butler Business Account Technician IV
 icon email blue.gif Armida Colon State & Federal Programs Administration Director of State & Federal Programs
 icon email blue.gif Maria Cobarruvias Business
  Secretary II
 icon email blue.gif Tim Farley Technology Technology Technician
 icon email blue.gif Debbie Galvan-Benbow District Administration Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent
 icon email blue.gif Karen Hendon Business Payroll Technician Classified
 icon email blue.gif Tracey Jakubowski Pupil Services Program Specialist Special Education
 icon email blue.gif Dave Kline
  Human Resources Administration
  Assistant Superintendent Human Resources
 icon email blue.gif Kim Leverett Curriculum & Instruction Account Clerk II Aspire
 icon email blue.gif Marc Malone District Administration Superintendent
 icon email blue.gif Nickie McConnell Human Resources
Human Resource Specialist  
 icon email blue.gif Larry Mendonca Pupil Services Administration Assistant Superintendent Pupil Services & Facilities
 icon email blue.gif Kristi Rapinchuk Curriculum & Instruction Administration Assistant Superintendent Curriculum & Instruction
 icon email blue.gif Jamie Rodrigues Curriculum & Instruction Administrative Assistant Curriculum & Instruction
 icon email blue.gif Mayra Runde Curriculum & Instruction Translator Secretary III
 icon email blue.gif Tawny Sylvia Business
  Accounting Technician
 icon email blue.gif Karen Threet Business
  Lead Accountant
 icon email blue.gif Carol Todd Pupil Services Administrative Assistant Pupil Services
 icon email blue.gif Nelisa Vigil Technology Data & Information Specialist
 icon email blue.gif Beckie Westfall District Office Receptionist Front Office