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Board Vacancy


A special election for Trustee Area 2 on the District’s Governing Board was held on March 7, 2023 in both Stanislaus and San Joaquin Counties.  There were two candidates for Trustee Area 2 in this special election, Eric Kjeldgaard and Terri Taylor.

On March 20, 2023, the District received the “Statement of the Vote” from the Stanislaus County Clerk-Recorder and the “Statement of Vote” from the San Joaquin County Registrar of Voters.  The statements reflect that this election resulted in a tie vote between Eric Kjeldgaard and Terri Taylor, each of whom received 502 votes.

California Education Code section 5016 provides that in the case of a tie vote the governing board may either call a runoff election or determine winner by lot; and Education Code section 35160 authorizes school districts to initiate and carry on any program, activity, or to otherwise act in any manner which is not in conflict with or inconsistent with, or preempted by, any law and which is not in conflict with the purposes for which school districts are established.

At a special Board meeting on March 23, the Board will determine the method they will use to break the tie election.

If the Board determines they will break the tie by lot, this action will be agendized on the next regular Board meeting agenda on April 3, 2023.